Sensory Kinetics Balance Rehabilitation System

The Sensory Kinetics Balance System comprises three key components:

1) A light-weight, portable force platform to measure the center of pressure of patients.

2) A computer and multi-touch display, with associated keyboard, mouse and roll-around stand.

3) An elasticized belt containing 8 vibrotactile transducers ("Tactors") that is worn around the body.

Movement and posture data is recorded and processed using the SK software. Depending on the functional activity, intuitive vibrotactile and/or visual cues are provided as continuous and instantaneous feedback to the patient in order to guide their postural and mobility decisions. This vibrotactile (or combinational) feedback can greatly increase spatial awareness and, consequently, mobility. Repetitive treatment while performing functional tasks may also help achieve rehabilitation goals.

The system is scalable in terms of the hardware as well as the functional activities. Multiple sensors can be used for activities involving stepping (e.g. gait) or complex movement (e.g. head movement). The functional activities and feedback characteristics can be configured by the therapist in real time using a touch screen interface. Current functional activities include; steady stand, limits of stability, reach, sit-to-stand, postural control tasks, stepping, tandem walk, head shake and gait and several multi-task activities (e.g. activities that contain cognitive and distractive elements.) Covered under US patent 8,092,355

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